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Prospect LoyaltyPlus

Personalized Prospect Follow-up Program

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This program is designed to provide dealerships with a simple, solid, consistent, inexpensive, and effective method of turning prospects into customers. Our unique web-based interface allows prospect information to be entered into Loyalty Digital's database on a daily basis at no cost via the Internet. We then use state-of-the-art computerized call center technology and digital printing to provide you with rapid turnaround on contact services tailored to meet your specific follow-up goals.

With Prospect LoyaltyPlus each dealership may select from the following contact options:

1. Follow-up phone call to prospect scripted to achieve your objectives. We use experienced professional operators to conduct a thorough satisfaction survey, determine buying interest, schedule follow-up visits, gauge advertising effectiveness, categorize "no sale" excuses, and promote service department capabilities. Daily, weekly, and monthly reports are available to provide you with detailed information on hot prospects and prospect complaints in a timely manner.

2. Follow-up mailing directly to prospect containing a thank you and a personalized V.I.P. (very important prospect) card. The V.I.P. card is a wallet-sized card that provides the prospect with an enduring physical sign of appreciation from the dealer. The front of the card includes dealership logos and slogans, as well as both the prospect's name and the sales associate's name. The back of the card contains dealer-approved incentives (service incentives, trade-in allowances, merchandise promotions, and more) designed to encourage a repeat prospect visit to the dealership.

3. Email reply to Internet prospect request designed to let the prospect know you care and are prepared to do business with high-tech customers. This follow-up method prevents web-prospects from disappearing into cyberspace.

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